Saturday, December 1, 2012

Slimmer Legs in 10 Seconds (Tights and Stockings)

Socks and tights are a must have for this winter, so let's see how Popteen teaches us how to get slimmer legs with these tips! 

Lets start with the popular tattoo stockings now! 

The focal point on the ankle makes your legs look slimmer! 

For tattoo stockings that have words on them, pick ones that go vertically! 
They will create an illusion that your legs are slimmer! 

Tattoo stockings that have too much pattern on them is a big NO! 
The pattern will spread and make your legs look wide!

Now for the normal tights!

All black ones are universally okay for every type of legs! 
Black makes your legs slimmer! 

Semi-black ones are okay. 
They have half the effect of all black ones! 

Natural legs are okay too! 


  1. I saw these in some mag scans! Good tips for sure :)

  2. Nice tips! I've recently been loving tattoo stockings too and I wear black tights all the time in winter :)

  3. Thanks for sharing~! Useful reminders there~ x3

  4. i love using black tights, they make my legs looks a lot slimmer :D

  5. Thanks for sharing^^ I love popteen^^

  6. I wanna try some tatoo tights ^-^but if it doesn't it me I won't wear it >.<

  7. Great post! I love stockings.

    <3 Melissa

  8. this was very helpful :) thanks for sharing! I don't owm a pair of tattoo tights yet but I would love to get a pair :)

  9. ooh, this is nice!! thanks for sharing ^_~

  10. interesting tips. i was hoping for work out exercises to do but this is also probably a nice change to working out cos they are instant tips that many girls could use!
    xx rae

  11. it would look great this fall

    xoxo Wengie

  12. Great tips♥! I'm curious if it's workin'
    on both sites. When you want your legs to
    look slimmer when they are curvy,
    and you want them to look more curvy when they
    are pretty thin 【・ヘ・?】

  13. Hey dear, thank you ♥ Christmas is the best :p
    These tips sounds interesting although for me its too cold these days, I will not wear thin tights/no tights at all haha.

  14. those are very helpful tips


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