Saturday, December 29, 2012

Diet Progress #1

Today, I will be talking about my diet progress !!!

These are my pictures from early 2011!

I weighted about 138 to 140 pounds! 

These are my late 2011 pictures!

My weight is about the same...

This is my early 2012 picture! 
I lost a little weight, but I was still around 135 pounds! 

This is me now! I just took this picture, so sorry for the bad quality! 
I weight about 120 to 122 pounds now! 

I am still a little chubby, so I will need to loose more weight! 
My goal is 100 to 105 pounds! 
Cute Japanese clothes are really so tiny... 

If you would like, I could post on what I ate and what I did etc...

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Tealips Cafe

 Today, I visited Tealips Cafe with my best friend. 
The atmosphere there is comfertable! I felt so relaxed there....

Drinking hot tea on a cold day makes me sleepy... zzzZZZ...

This buzzer will vibrate when your order is ready! 
I felt cool when using it~ Haha... 

A matcha waffle I ordered with my her! 
It was so delicious~ I want moreeeeeeee!!!  

I ordered honey lemon ginger tea. 
It has a hint spice to it, and I love the lemony honey taste.

I really love cafes... so I am glad I found this good one... 

Do you guys usually order food or just a drink at cafes? 
I am really into sweets so I can't help but order desserts.... Haha...

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Slimmer Legs in 10 Seconds (Tights and Stockings)

Socks and tights are a must have for this winter, so let's see how Popteen teaches us how to get slimmer legs with these tips! 

Lets start with the popular tattoo stockings now! 

The focal point on the ankle makes your legs look slimmer! 

For tattoo stockings that have words on them, pick ones that go vertically! 
They will create an illusion that your legs are slimmer! 

Tattoo stockings that have too much pattern on them is a big NO! 
The pattern will spread and make your legs look wide!

Now for the normal tights!

All black ones are universally okay for every type of legs! 
Black makes your legs slimmer! 

Semi-black ones are okay. 
They have half the effect of all black ones! 

Natural legs are okay too!