Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Popteen August 2012 Outfit Favs!

Wow~ It is August already, so of course we have to see what I LOVE in Popteen! 

The whole cover seems to be very neon! 

Oh yea, click on the pictures to enlarge them! 

First is of course beach wear, since it is summer! 
I really love the one Mizukitty is wearing because it is so adorable, and little dress makes it look just revealing enough! 

Here is my pick for Sporty Casual Wear: 
By sporty casual wear I am saying that I would run around and do some sports when I am wearing these outfits! 

Finally it is Dressy Casual Wear: 
Hmm... I would wear this if I was going to a cafe with my friends, or going on a dinner date! 

Which one of my favourites is your favourites?


  1. Ohh popteen always have such cute outfits!
    I love the swim suits!

  2. Very colorful!!
    I love all the dresses that Okarie is wearing!! XD

  3. I just love popteen so much! Those outfits looks so nice!! ^ ^

  4. I like popteen ^^ The photos are very nice and the outfits adorable :)

  5. Love the last one on the 'Dressy Casual Wear' xD

  6. oh thank you for your comment and I take into account your idea

  7. Ahhh I was browsing through this too and I absolutely love the beachwear! :)

  8. omg popteen my love, love all the outfit

  9. cutie and sweet swim suits!!
    i so much like your blog
    if you don't mind check out my blog and follow me if you like
    i'll follow you


  10. Very nice outfits (^O^)
    I like that black skirt ☆

  11. cute outfits , aaa i wish i could buy it here in my country :(

  12. I love the dressy casual wear the best :P i still seem to like the cute outfits with denim dresses/vests even tho it isn't the hottest trend anymore ~~

  13. Thanks for sharing! I like the sporty casual outfits!


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