Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kumicky Beauty Book Bonus DVD overview!

When I was travelling in Taiwan, I saw Kumicky's beauty book in a book store! 
I really love her a lot so of course I had to buy her beauty book! 

Before I read the book, I always watch the DVD first!

Oh yea, click the picture to enlarge it! 
The first thing you will see is an Intro of Kumicky! 

Next you get redirected to the menu. I have translated it for you guys ^ ^ 
#1 lesson is the base make up! She teaches you all her techniques! 

Lesson #2 The eyes make up! She also shows you all the product she uses!  

Lesson #3 Is all about lashes! As we all know, eyelashes are a Gyaru's life! 

Lesson #4 is the blush and lip colour! 

Last is the before and after pictures! 

I personally am not Gyaru, because most often then not I am too lazy to put on make up! 
Haha, but I think the foundation of Gyaru make up is one of the best, so it is good to learn from them! 

I also preparing the book scans form her book, but I think I broke my scanner when I spilled juice on it... So, please wait for them! : D : D 

(Or should I just use my Camera to photograph?)


  1. Oh how nice! I like gyaru makeup and fashion as well but I am far from it! I'll adore it and incorporate into my style from time to time though :3

  2. I love gyaru fashion <3 I'm trying the style ^^

    I would like to see the scans ^^

    have a nice day =)

  3. The before and after picture is wild. Such a difference!

    I love gyaru makeup, I just have nowhere to wear it. I get so messy at work there is no point in putting on makeup.

  4. Sooo cute! :)
    Thank you for your nice comments! x3

  5. Kumicky has a beauty book DVD? That girl is making waves everywhere!

  6. great editorial!


  7. interesting dvd. well, yes, use your camera. i wanna see the book :))

  8. OMG!! Thanks for sharing^^ where can I buy it?? It looks so cute, I love Kumicky^^
    btw your header is great<3

  9. I'll wait for the scans and thank you for sharing it ^__^

  10. so cute:3

  11. nice post!
    come by and lets follow each other if you love to do! <3

  12. I'm too lazy for gyaru make up, too! Hehe but it's always so nice to see

  13. hyaaaa I want thisss, thanks for sharing, hahaha I adore gyaru make up a lot XD

  14. Thanks for sharing! I am also not gyaru but I like their make-up a lot! So much we can learn from them!

  15. Thank you! I love Kumicky so muchhh *__* she is super pretty!!

  16. She's so beautiful! I've seen her before, but never knew her name, so now I'm glad to know her name. I can Google her now! ^^

  17. Hi! great post. I got this book too and I watched the DVD today....omg would you happen to know what the song on her DVD is called? it's the ones that play in Part 2 and 3 about eyeshadow and putting on eyelash. Please help. I think its vocaloid bt i'm not sure?? I can't find it anywhere TT^TT


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