Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kumicky Beauty Book Bonus DVD overview!

When I was travelling in Taiwan, I saw Kumicky's beauty book in a book store! 
I really love her a lot so of course I had to buy her beauty book! 

Before I read the book, I always watch the DVD first!

Oh yea, click the picture to enlarge it! 
The first thing you will see is an Intro of Kumicky! 

Next you get redirected to the menu. I have translated it for you guys ^ ^ 
#1 lesson is the base make up! She teaches you all her techniques! 

Lesson #2 The eyes make up! She also shows you all the product she uses!  

Lesson #3 Is all about lashes! As we all know, eyelashes are a Gyaru's life! 

Lesson #4 is the blush and lip colour! 

Last is the before and after pictures! 

I personally am not Gyaru, because most often then not I am too lazy to put on make up! 
Haha, but I think the foundation of Gyaru make up is one of the best, so it is good to learn from them! 

I also preparing the book scans form her book, but I think I broke my scanner when I spilled juice on it... So, please wait for them! : D : D 

(Or should I just use my Camera to photograph?)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Face Shop GETS!

The reason love shopping in Taiwan is because there is so many shops to go to and there are so many variates to choose from, but that is not all.... 

The cosmetic shop that caught my eyes this time was The Face Shop! 

I got a sparkly peach liner with a sharpener! It is said to be oil and waterproof! 

I got a gel liner too! It is waterproof too! 

I bought a hand mask and a brightening one too! 

All these excellent products are all bought for under $ 35!

But... I also got these for free! 

I got 4 nature mask pack as gifts! 

And a mask with a BB cream sample! : D 

So... now you see why I love shopping in Taiwan! 

The stuff are all so cheap and there are always free gifts at speciality stores! 

But becareful, stores that sell a lot of brands at a time like Sasa or A+1 do not offer free gifts or samples! 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Popteen August 2012 Outfit Favs!

Wow~ It is August already, so of course we have to see what I LOVE in Popteen! 

The whole cover seems to be very neon! 

Oh yea, click on the pictures to enlarge them! 

First is of course beach wear, since it is summer! 
I really love the one Mizukitty is wearing because it is so adorable, and little dress makes it look just revealing enough! 

Here is my pick for Sporty Casual Wear: 
By sporty casual wear I am saying that I would run around and do some sports when I am wearing these outfits! 

Finally it is Dressy Casual Wear: 
Hmm... I would wear this if I was going to a cafe with my friends, or going on a dinner date! 

Which one of my favourites is your favourites?

Sunday, August 5, 2012

New Nails!

Hi hi! Sorry, long time no blog! 
Well... The thing is I went on a vacay to Taiwan! : D 

Here is my new nails I got on the trip! 

I adore the candy colors so I picked colors that are vibrant and cute! 

All my favourite elements is in this nail art. Haha, it looks like a mix of styles, but the theme of this time's nail is my favourite things.