Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Love Quiz!

Wow! It is almost summer~ The season of love is coming!!! 
Everyone seemed to like the quiz questions last time, so this time I translated a whole new section on love
Let's see how accurate this is! 

1. What do you look for in a ideal lover
   Q: What do you draw first when you are drawing?
   A: a) Sun
        b) Sky
        c) Cloud
        d) Field
        e) Flowers

If you picked A....

You value health!
You are a lively and outgoing person. You long for love but want someone who is cheerful and energetic!

If you picked B....

You value a good temper!
You have a lot of pressures that you want to escape, and you hope that the relationship is comfortable! You do not like things to interfere with your freedom. A person with a good temper who understands you is the most suitable for you!

If you picked C....

You value a tacit agreement!
You pay attention to your feelings and is understanding. You wish for a sensitive, considerate and attentive person.

If you picked D....

You value money!
You base your relationship on economic foundations. Your ideal love is best to have a steady income and a capable person!

If you picked E....
You value freshness!
You do not like the same things over and over. You want to experience something fresh everyday! But to be real, it is very hard to find that kind of a lover.

2. What kind of guy will take your breath away?
   Q: Who will you sit beside on the bus?
   A: a) A businesslike person who is reading the newspaper.
        b) A school girl who is listening to her ipod.
        c) A mother who has a kid.
        d) You don't sit, but instead stand in a clear space.

If you picked A....

You fall for the mature guys!
You look cool, but is really fragile on the inside. You like a mature boy's care and love.

If you picked B....

You fall for the Korean "flower boys!"
You are born with the love for beautiful things. You love a handsome man.

If you picked C....

You fall for the Japanese "romantic types!"
You fall in love like a Japanese drama! You want a perfect ending, and all the amazing things that happen in a drama!

If you picked D....

You fall for a cool boy!
You are personally very cool. The clam and cool surface of a guy will move you! The more challenging it is the more you are interested in it.

What was your result? : D Tell me, I am interested to know! 
Was it accurate? 

Bye bye~ See you soon! : D 

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Dolly Eye - Jewel Green Review

So a couple days ago, I got a pair of lenses from Lens Village

Yay! I got Dolly Eye Jewel Green, since it is spring and all...

It came in these two vials! 

This is the info!

Life Span : 1 Year
Diameter : 15mm
Water Content : 55%

It came in safely in this envelope! The inside was bubble wrapped! 

Inside was this white box! 

It contained cute case. I got a hippo.. Hehehe! : D 

This is my eyes before lenses!

And my eye after them! 

The pattern can be seen easily! : D The ring makes my eyes bigger! 

This is a picture I took with my cell phone!  : D 

Camera pic! 

Webcam photo! : D 

4.5 /5
These lenses are very comfy! : D After all the water content is quite high! It is still comfy after 10 hours of wear! And like most circle lenses, eyedrops are needed if worn for a long period of time! 
4 /5
These lenses are definitely not perfect for spring because they are green. My friends have told me that under dark light it seems teal, and under sunlight very green. I really like green lenses and this pair is great! 
4 /5
I really like the effect it has in my eyes! I love how big it makes my eyes look, but not alien like. It is amazing! : D 

I think if you like this pair you should buy it at lens village, their service is quite nice and they respond to your questions quickly.  I really like this circle lens company : D : D