Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I.Fairy- Lucius Brown Review From Uniqso

Sooo... A couple days ago, Uniqso kindly sponsored me a pair of lenses to review! 
The delivery was very fast. It took about a week for me to get it! 
The service was nice... Haha! When I emailed them, they kept calling me dear!
It came in this envelope! The inside was bubble wrap. 
Inside contained a bear box. Each side had a different bear. So cute~
This case is free along with every purchase! 
Now onto the lenses! 
The one I choose was I. Fairy- Lucius Brown
This was it's info:
Diameter: 16.2mm
Water Content: 55%
Replacement Period: 12 months
This is the shocking difference it made to my eye! 
My eyes looks so big~ 
This is what it looks like in normal lighting. Super pretty! 
With flash.
I think these pair of lenses is super natural. I wore it for sport events and is super comfy.
You can easily pull it off with no make up too! I do that for school~ 
These lenses are so much more comfortable than my GEO ones! It is 16.2mm but the water content is high, so it is still very comfterable! I wore it for 8 hours to see how long the comfort is, and it was still pretty good. It just gets a little dry after 6 hours, but nothing a little eye drop can't cure.
These lenses are definitely not natural looking lenses for everyday wear and you can pull them off even without make up! It is really natural, so I really love it! I wore it to school and it was after 1 hour before my classmates realized that I am wearing them! Hahaha, it gives you an effortlessly bright look.
I really like the effect it has my eyes! I amost look Ulzzang with my big eyes~ My Japanese class classmates commented on how big my eyes were... Haha~ I am really excited from the result! 

All in all I am super happy to get this pair. It fits my personality and gives me a cute look I like. It is super comfy, and it didn't irritate my eyes at all! 
Do you like them too? If you do go to Uniqso right now! 
And... use this code if you want to purchase!
Bye bye for now~ 


  1. It gives you a bit of enlargement and looks super natural!
    :D wow!

  2. they do look super natural!
    you look so effortless pretty with those on :D

  3. The difference is huge! Haha, they look so great on you ~

  4. Wow, the enlargement on these is just amazing! They look great on you!

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  6. Hai! I'm Feli, from Indonesia. I'm holding a GIVEAWAY PARTY of 5 Vintage pieces + 50 Followed Back!

    Find how on vloething.blogspot.com

  7. Congrats on the sponsorship! They are sooo nice! I love it! And yes, the lenses are definitely giving the ulzzang look~

  8. ooh~ the lens looks so pretty but natural! i love it! thanks for the review ^_^~

  9. wow!! the difference is really huge^^!
    Are super natural effect..thank for the rew

  10. so natural and cute! I like it! <3

  11. you look so cute with this lens nana! <3

  12. Woah the enlargement is definitely noticeable ! Thank you for the review~ :D

  13. Those circle lenses suit you very well! (^^)

  14. Those lenses seem very nice! Your eyes look really pretty and big when wearing them (*´ω`*)

  15. You're super cute! ^__^ And I love that pair of lens! Looks natural!

  16. Wow looks so natural, I like :> !

  17. it looks so natural and enlarging! i would prefer more colour to the lens though :/


  18. Those are the largest circle lens that I have seen. It looks great on you!!



  19. I love brown lenses, they look very natural and your photo of one lens in and one lens out, clearly shows the difference! I haven't worn lenses in ages and seeing this post makes me want to purchase some circle lenses.

    P.s I tagged you in the "11 questions about me" tag, you can poke Line when you see her for this tag!

  20. your eyes look so large! : )

  21. Oh wow. It sure does make your eyes seem bigger and yet it looks so natural. Thanks for the review~

  22. hello!! ~~

    I love brown lenses, you look very natural!!! so cool!!! *w*


  23. oh wow they make your eyes look huge! i totally want a pair x

  24. wow they are super effective! i think you look great too :) awh the sellers sound super cute aswell ^_^

  25. They really look natural and u look pretty wif it <3

  26. I looooved those lenses!
    And they do look amazing on you!

  27. Oh I love the i.fairy lenses! But they are so big I'm afraid I might look like a monster since my natural color is super light ><

  28. Konnichiwa Nana^^ I love the color of this lens.. looks very natural and nice!!
    Cute blog.. i'm ur new follower.. u cn follow me bk if u like xx

  29. it looks good on you! the enlarging effect is awesome. :D


  30. Ahh..!! I love it..!! you look beautiful .. (*^-^*)
    this is very natural..!! I really love it..!!
    I bought this same lens .. I hope I stay beautiful as you.
    귀여운..!! 나는 그것을 사랑 해요.!! S2


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