Monday, April 30, 2012

A Beauty Mask Haul!

I don't know if I can call this a haul, because I didn't buy this... 
Huhuhu but I am going to call it a "haul: anyways! 

This are all the gift I got from my dad when I visited the US! 

My Beauty Diary 2 Step Mask! : D

It is Organic! : D

The Asian Series! 

The America Series! 

The Europe Series! 

And I got this too. It comes with a toner! 

I think this one is hydrating! : D

I think this is whitening! 

And free samples! 

This is so cute~ 

And wipes! 

Which ones do you want to see reviews of? 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I.Fairy- Lucius Brown Review From Uniqso

Sooo... A couple days ago, Uniqso kindly sponsored me a pair of lenses to review! 
The delivery was very fast. It took about a week for me to get it! 
The service was nice... Haha! When I emailed them, they kept calling me dear!
It came in this envelope! The inside was bubble wrap. 
Inside contained a bear box. Each side had a different bear. So cute~
This case is free along with every purchase! 
Now onto the lenses! 
The one I choose was I. Fairy- Lucius Brown
This was it's info:
Diameter: 16.2mm
Water Content: 55%
Replacement Period: 12 months
This is the shocking difference it made to my eye! 
My eyes looks so big~ 
This is what it looks like in normal lighting. Super pretty! 
With flash.
I think these pair of lenses is super natural. I wore it for sport events and is super comfy.
You can easily pull it off with no make up too! I do that for school~ 
These lenses are so much more comfortable than my GEO ones! It is 16.2mm but the water content is high, so it is still very comfterable! I wore it for 8 hours to see how long the comfort is, and it was still pretty good. It just gets a little dry after 6 hours, but nothing a little eye drop can't cure.
These lenses are definitely not natural looking lenses for everyday wear and you can pull them off even without make up! It is really natural, so I really love it! I wore it to school and it was after 1 hour before my classmates realized that I am wearing them! Hahaha, it gives you an effortlessly bright look.
I really like the effect it has my eyes! I amost look Ulzzang with my big eyes~ My Japanese class classmates commented on how big my eyes were... Haha~ I am really excited from the result! 

All in all I am super happy to get this pair. It fits my personality and gives me a cute look I like. It is super comfy, and it didn't irritate my eyes at all! 
Do you like them too? If you do go to Uniqso right now! 
And... use this code if you want to purchase!
Bye bye for now~ 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

And the winner is.....

Haha... Seems I have been inactive for a while~ 
Well... it was because I have been busy with tennis!

I am not very good at it, haha, but I am willing to try...

Umm... I bet you guys are excited to see who the winner to my giveaway is right?

So the winner is Mery! Yay! Congratz! 

Please contact me within 5 days, or I will chose a new winner! : D

Hahaha I feel that everyone was very supportive of me so I will give out some consultation prize~ 

Bye bye for now!

Monday, April 2, 2012

My Beauty Diary Sleep Concentrate: Chamomile and White Lily Sleep Concentrate Review

A couple days ago, my mom got me.....

The My Beauty Diary Sleep Concentrate! 
My Box was a little dented... but the packing was still very pretty! 

This is what the can looks like. It is very cute!

It came with a spoon thing. For day time it is one spoon full, and for night time you use two spoon full.

The green jelly inside smelled really nice.


Packing: 4.5/5 The packing is really nice, but the instruction is very small and it is in Mandarin too.

Smell: 5/5 The smell is so good! I love it~ It is not too overpowering like some perfumes.

Feel: 5/5 The feel on my skin is so cool and nice. When I used it at first, it gave my skin a tingly feeling because it was so dry. Then when I woke up, my skin felt very hydrated.

Overall: 4.5/5 This is a very good product, and I really like it. The only complaint is that  it sometimes get into the tips of my hair when I first apply it on because it is wet. Other than that it is a amazing product!

Will I repurchase this? Yes!