Monday, March 12, 2012

withNana's First Thank You Mini Giveaway!

You might have noticed that about a week ago I got 200 followers! : D Waa~ Thank you so much!!! 

To celebrate my gratefulness, I want to host a thank you giveaway! : D 

So, I noticed people sometimes have a theme to giveaways, so my theme is bedroom. 

Because this is all stuff I do in my room.

So I created a overview of the items I am giving away. 
As you can tell, I am bad at photoshop. 

Here is a close up of the items you are going to get:

A pair of fake glasses. 
When I wear fake glasses, I feel smarter and then I go do my homework or read. So hopefully, this will help you work harder! 

2 Couple Pens/Pencils: 
So obviously you can't work hard unless you have cute pens. 
And this pen/pencil is really cool because one ear is pen, and the other is pencil.
You can give one to your boyfriend, and you can study together. 

2 elf Hypershine Lipgloss
When you are studying with your boyfriend, you want to look good.
But not like overly made up, so you can just use lip gloss. 
One is a more dark pink/red color, and one is a more light pink color. 

1 Cute Fuzzy Hair band
Sometimes when you are working on stuff, you need your hair out of your way, so you can use this fuzzy cute hair band! 

Letter Set
Let's say, you are in your bedroom and you are bored, you can write letters with your cute pen to your pen pal with this bunny letter set! 

A Packet of Feathers
Spring is comming, so you can also use feathers to DIY some accessories. 

A Pair of Cute Socks
This is my favourite item, because it is so cute and hearty!  : D : D Wearing socks also keeps your feet warm, if your mom won't let you open the heater in your room because it will run up the bill.

A Surprise Gift
So I am going to give you a surprise gift, because everyone loves surprises! 
It could be a magazine, clothing, cosmetics or anything at all! 

How to enter this giveaway: 

1. Follow me via GFC (+1)
2. Leave your email (+1)
3. For previous followers (+3)
4. Answer Questions (+3)
5. Making a blogpost about this giveaway (+2)
6. Link my giveaway to your sidebar (+3)
7. Tweet about this giveaway (+1) ***Can be done daily

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway will end on 04/18/2012

Once again, THANK YOU so much for following me, commenting and supporting me until this point<3 Please continue to do so! 


  1. Am I considered as a previous follower? :o I followed before this post was posted + I read a lot of your entries many days ago :D

  2. Thank you for the giveaway! >u<
    Everything looks so cute and comfy~ :'D

    It looks like I accidentally hit 'enter' before I could finish one of my replied. ;u;
    So, continuing on from the 'answer some questions'...
    2) I really like the content in general. I guess, in the future, I would love to see more outfit of the day or face of the day! c:
    3) D': I seemed to miss what question 3 was. Dx Now, I feel like such a fail. OTL''' If possible, can someone let me know what it was so I can add to this? @~@

  3. Thankyou so much for the giveaway Nana!

  4. I love the bedroom theme *Q* I guess it's one of my favorites ^-^"

    ShuShu ♥

  5. I participated~~~

    Letter set is way too cute<3

  6. Congratulations for your 222 followers :DD

  7. Congrats on over 200 followers☆
    The giveaway is soo cute! I especially love the socks and letter set (・ω・) The pens are very cute, too!
    I entered. Good look to everyone who participates★

  8. Congratulations! The giveaway is cute! I would like to win! :)

  9. Congratz!!
    Your blog is growing really fast XD

    Your giveaway theme is so lovely >w<

  10. Congrats to 200 followers :>

    The giveaway theme and its stuff is so cute. I really love the socks, they're so adorable! <3

  11. kawaii kawaii~~ :D Thanks for the giveaway Nana~~ ^^

  12. So many cute things!! nice giveaway! I am following! xoxo

  13. oh i'm sure you can! it's veryyyyyyy easy, it take me 5 min !

  14. more: socks * - * they look sweet

  15. hahaha those prices are too cute ♥ and that package of feathers is SO random xDDDD ♥

  16. Awww, all of these items are really cute!

  17. such a cute giveaway *O* ah you´re also a fluffy socks-lover!!! :3

    ah ah I just push the question button too fast ._____. just answered the first question *drop* damn enter buttom .___.

  18. Oh ! It's so nice !
    Thanks for this giveaway ! =D

  19. This is my first time participating in a giveaway~ so excited >< I just don't have a twitter account >_>

  20. Great giveaway, good luck to everyone! Such cute prizes.
    In response to your lovely comment, haha I don't live in Singapore - I live in Australia! :) I'm sure you can find similar items though!

  21. Wow! Congratulations dear <3
    All the prices are sooooo cute! I'm gonna be joining your first ever giveaway, hope I win :3 *excited*

  22. Congratulations again! Done blogging and linking it on my sidebar. Xoxo~ <3

  23. Congraatz~! I entered the giveaway (:

  24. Congrats!
    Love the theme it's so cute! Thanks so much for the giveaway >v<

  25. I entered the giveaway! thank you so much (: loving the headband and socks *_*

    I am also having a giveaway if you'd like to enter -->

  26. ^^ the things are very cute! :D Thank you for your comment

  27. followed you :D follow me back? I will join the giveaways!

  28. awwww what a cute giveaway!!! i already own a pair of fake-glasses and i actually have the same kind of moshi moshi bear letter set XD i think i won't enter the giveaway so that someone who doesn't already have those can win the prize!
    btw i nominated you for an award here:
    take care!

  29. i like big frame glasses too~

    xoxo elle

  30. ps i was previous follower of gyaru heaven ^^

  31. I accidently clicked enter on the 3 questions part and was only able to finish 1 question! I can't remember the other 2 now!

  32. Thanks for the comment! I clicked your name and first thing I see is a super cute layout <3 ME GUSTAAAA!! <3 <3 <3 I would love to join the giveaway, but I don't really get how, but I'm be your follower anyways <:

  33. hi i entered your giveaway. btw I link it on twitter but It wouldn't save so here :!/kaizokumousy/status/180539022752489472

  34. 1. Through another beauty blog.
    2. More beauty stuff reviews
    3.Nothing. Thank's for everything.

  35. hey sist im join this ^^
    this is my link

    btw im from indonesia, can i join this?

  36. Ohh so amazing *__* Anyway, I'm from Poland and I entered... If you don't want international entry just delete me T___T But I'd like to be in! :D

  37. yes! I entered.

    yeah, thanks for the giveaway and wish me luck! ^^


  38. I entered :D
    Thanks for the lovely giveaway :)

  39. wow! :-) super giveaway!!!

  40. yes, done!

  41. hi nana ^^
    saya iut giveway mu..
    saya sudah isi form di blog kamu
    agar lebih jelas saya tulis lagi di kolom komentar ini.
    saya sudah share givewaymu di

    terima kasih ^^

  42. 1. I found it on my friend's blog sidebar, so I browse your blog after seeing it. :)
    2. Outfit of the day and some nail are tutorials. :)
    3. I don't have any suggestion for now because getting hooked on your blog at the moment. :)

  43. Hi I come from Italy and I absolutely love this giveaway **
    1) I found your blog through another beauty blog;
    2) I'd like to see a post about curly hair;
    3) This blog is awesome just the way it is :)

  44. Thank you for the amazing giveaway!!!!

  45. YEAHH giveaways ! thanks Nana ;)

  46. Hi join my giveaway here:

  47. Today is virtuous weather, isn't it?


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