Friday, March 9, 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

A few weeks ago, I got tagged by Mui Mui for the Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you so much! 

7 Facts About Myself 

1. I really like to use more pictures than words in my blog, because pictures makes everything interesting! 
See~! More interesting already.  (I think this is Perfume! )

2. I am very bad at spelling, and I always use spell check when typing.

3. I am very very very very blunt. I always say what I think, and that sometime's hurt people's feelings, so I am trying to change.

4. I need to turn 18 and get my own credit card so bad!!!! So I can online shop~ 
It doesn't have to be something cute like this! 

4. I LOVE sweets! Any kind of desserts is fine too! : D

5. I think it is harder to be nice girl than a mean one....

6. A couple years ago, I read from somewhere that if you change your attitude, you can change the world. I think that will be my motto from now on.

7.  When people ask me who I like, I really do not know how to answer this.
All images are from google! 

Now because of my hard work, I am entitled to tag 7 people: 
Miu Miu (If it is okay...)

They all seem like nice people, and have blogs I like.

I think it is fair for me to tag anyone reading this too! SO TAG! 

I know how it is sometimes so tiring to have a blog when you are so busy, so you all deserve this.


  1. I'm waiting for a credit card when I'm 18 too~ Seeing all the other blogger's online shopping makes me jealous D:

  2. I think it is harder to be nice girl than a mean one

    -I think we're the same. hehe!

  3. I have a credit card, but now I always frown when I get the bill for it :(
    I like looking at blogs with lots of pictures too! Although I don't like when they repeat the same photos over and over either :( I like to see a different photo everytime they post!

  4. Haha aww this was a cute read ^^

  5. haha i agree with all of your facts ;D ♥
    and ajhkds i want a card too D: but im afraid i'll go crazy with it heheh.

  6. Defo agree with the desserts point hehe

  7. love it!!

  8. Thank you for all your nice comments and following! I now follow you, too (・ω・)
    Tags like these always are interesting to read☆
    I'm not 18 yet but I do have some kind of credit card. It's limited though, so I can't spend more than 500 euros a week (笑) I don't even have 500 euros though, haha.

  9. Love Blogs with pics too^^it really is more interesting and fun^^ I have a debit card and i'm loving it^^ like tag post's it's fun..and so i have a blog now...will definetly reply to it

  10. Aww, I awarded you with this award as well ^___^ You don't have to do it again of course, but I just wanted to let you know (: You can check it out here:
    Versatile Blogger Award

  11. I got the tag also XDD

    I'm agree with you that pictures make your blog look a lot more interesting ^^
    ...and I'm 23 now and haven't got any credit card XDDD

  12. aww~ that's such a sweet tag~

  13. thanks for commenting my blog!! *w*
    woow I don´t have a credit card and I´m 18 years old!! so bad TT_TT!!

    very kisses!!! ^___^

  14. so true, it's harder to be nice than mean :S

  15. What a nice post :D I like using pictures too ^^

    Have a great evening :)

  16. Ah, I can't be trusted with a credit card! I'd spend a lot of money..hehe~
    And when people ask me who i like i dunno how to answer either! haha~

  17. I'm also terrible as spelling too and word check is my best friend =P Do you turn 18 soon? I felt so grown up getting my first credit card lol but I hardly use it because I don't like owning the bank money =P

  18. Having a credit card is great, but be very careful with it or you could end up in financial trouble! Remember to do your research and don't buy anything that is beyond your means :) (Sorry if I sound like a harpie - following a few simple ground rules I've set for myself has kept my credit in perfect condition).

  19. I always love your kyary's header~
    so cute~~
    RE: thanks nana~~ =D

  20. lol the first picture is so cute! I like pictures and words equally XD but pictures do make things a lot more interesting hehe. Ahh enjoy not being 18 >< you're so young >///< life just keeps going down the hill from thereon. I'm just kidding! But seriously, enjoy responsible-free-ish time :D

    hehe your quote reminds me of one of my fav quotes, so I'm gonna share it with you :D

    “Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
    Watch your words, for they become actions.
    Watch your actions, for they become habits.
    Watch your habits, for they become character.
    Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”


  21. Woah! I didn't know you tagged me.. THANK YOU <3


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