Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Popteen April 2012 Outfit Loves!

Yay!!! Time for Popteen April 2012 Outfit Love TIME! : D
Click image to enlarge! : D

When I saw this, it was instant love!
Great! Tsubasa is on the cover! : D

I love the outfit in the right there. Super casual and easy to wear! 

Love her eyeliner! : D

I really like her album style!

Once again with the casual outfit!

I love Mizukitty, her smile is the sweetest! 

In this issue, Popteen did a section on clothing that is similar to the cartoon characters! 

I love the green sweater, it looks comfy~ 

I still really like the collared shirts!

More Melody Styles!

Personally, I like the outfit Pikari is wearing! It is very fun and cute~ 

Pudding dog! : D Lovely blacks and yellows!

Little twin stars!

I love all of their shoes! 

I like this shade of purple! 

And this is my favorited! : D It looks so warm and nice!

I love the star cardigans!

I want to buy a pair of high waist shorts! 


Pastel shoes are in style now! 

More shoes! I love the reds ^ ^ 

Some prints on shoes! 

Wedges and flats!

Kumicky has her own shoes now! 

I love the top right picture, it is so cute! 

I want the happy smile outfit! 

Demins and blues!

This is what Kumicky would do for her limited clothings! 

I like the trench coat~

Mizukitty! : D

I just love everything about her and her outfits! 

She has a more mature look! : D

She looks so cute with her new hair! 

I personally love love love Pikari's rockish style!

I actually prefer her outfits more now!

More shoes! I need to get cute socks!

I want the straw bag! 

This is the style I love now! Colorful and fun!

Happy faces : )

I love how dolly they look! 

I still like this style too... 
Some street snaps. Japanese people do dress well!

What is your favorited piece this April? 


  1. awww I love all the little sanrio characters that pop out >.< Ikr? she pulls off pink eyeliner so well

  2. Ohh thank you for posting this! So many great ideas in my head now ahaha.
    I really liked the make up and clothes :)

  3. ooo..i love their outfits..i love tsubasa & mizukitty too!!!! love their sense of style and how they mix & match the cloth!!!
    Hello Kitty never grow older!!! thats why we love it...super cute & kawaii ^_^

  4. Tsubasa's beauty never surprises me. @A@
    And I really like the clothing that was featured, especially the collars. x)

  5. So colorful and beautiful *_*
    Just what we need for spring ^^

  6. Lovely the magazine this time!
    Too much sweety for me, but lovely!

  7. I love the collar shirts too!

    Tsubasa looks cute and pretty as always!

    Thanks for the scans :)

  8. I'm so into Japanese fashion. Goodness T_T so cute!!! I just adore everything

  9. Is Pikari the same as Hikari Shiina? o.o

  10. I love it!!!!! *w* the clothes are very cool!!!^^


  11. Yay for mag scans! TY <3 I still find Tsubasa's dark hair a surprise to me xD I still prefer her with her light hair xD

  12. awww,Now i know what i wear in monday. <3

  13. I want to try out the pink eye liner now! It's so cute & very spring looking :)

  14. Milky is so cute and i love her make-up and style ♥

    oh so wonderful cute outfits

  15. i love the san-x outfits! So cute!


  16. I can't read japanese magazines, they always enable me into buying something =[

  17. So pretty!!
    I can't wait to own one!!

  18. Oh wow! I love the outfits its so simple and has a refreshing feel >_<

  19. happy to visit from Turkey sis

    so much lovely blog

  20. i really love this cover...Tsubasa is wonderful, like a relly princess*_*!!!

    I read Popteen..mi favorite outfite are orange and ligh blue color

  21. all these spreads are my favorite! they are so kawaii! <3 <3 <3

    xx, Helen

  22. I love the fashion in Popteen!

    Btw thanks for stopping by my blog the other day! I've decided to award you the Versatile Blog Award too ^__^

  23. I love this issue too XD, I want to try tsu chan look here :D

  24. Yes it is <3 thank for your comment !

    I love all shoes on this magazin T-T

  25. thanks for sharing the spread :D tsubasa's makeup is amazing, love the pink liner too, she's so adorable as always! the pages about dressing like cartoon character is really creative! xx.

  26. Hi Nana thanks for uploading these, I love Milky Bunny!! Tsubasa Masuwaka's makeup looks great! :)

  27. thank you for the scans :)
    i love tsubasas make up on the cover!!!

  28. Wow! so cute :3 thanks for post, i Love Popteen~~ the outfits in this mags are my inspirations :3

    Nice blog~~ xoxo

  29. Kyaaa! SO lovely! And I see My Melody >3<

  30. thanks for the scans!!!
    i like the part with the mascots! i looove pom pom purin ^_^ so cute!

  31. Love Tsubasa always, she's so cute~

    The Pink eyeliner was awesome <3


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