Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bye Bye Bangs!

Recently, I want to graduate from my bangs look. 
I have been having bangs for the past 17 years, but now I don't want them anymore.

I know bangs give you that innocent and cute look, and it also give you a image of a small face.
BUT, I am going to change to a more mature look. 

Ever since I started loving junk food, I have began to have acne on my forehead, and I always try to cover them with bangs, but now I think I am going to eat more healthy and stop hiding my weaknesses! 

IU is one of my role models:

She used to have really cute bangs to match with her very cute looks.

But now she is a more mature pretty with no bangs, and still cute!!!

Kana too has no bangs, and she is one of my biggest idols:

And Inncoent looking Yoona:

And Nocchi from perfume! 

So, I am going to go from my signature bangs look to... 

Life without bangs...

But I have to get rid of my acne/scars on my forehead first!

 Any tips?


  1. Well... I really understand what you want. It was my transition the last year ^^

    For the acne, I use a little make up really simple to hide it. It's "Garnier pure active" ;)

    Hide and dries your acne ! =D

  2. I am currently growing mine out too, it's pretty long now! But I have always had side bangs, only had the full fringe about twice, only for a short while as they grew out so quickly >>

    For acne, keep your hair out of your face! Which you will be doing :P Also, eat healthy, drink plenty of water and have a proper skin regimen ^^ Those are the basics that people will keep telling you though x)

  3. without bangs you can look more mature.... really... but im hairdresser and the right haircut/style is important :3

    you know? oO i hope you find your new haircut/style without bangs ;3 i find it a good idea <3

  4. ahh I started growing mine out and then realised I looked weird without them so cut my fringe again haha :D Growing out your bangs means you can wear lots of pretty head bands yay x misstea & co.

  5. I am actually the opposite of you - I used to have no bangs, but am just getting used to mine~ >u< I've had straight bangs for less than a year so far! xD I think I may stick with bangs for a while. uvu Honestly though, I have a huge forehead, so bangs make me feel less self-conscious. >u>

    As far as acne treatments go, make sure you drink lots of water! For scars, using aloe vera masks (or gels even) will lighten scars. c: Obviously, don't touch your acne! Best of luck~ >u<

  6. I just transitioned from not having bangs to having bangs this year xD

    I bet your acne would get a lot better if you grew out your bangs. Covering your acne with your oily bangs would just make it worse!

    Omg Ikr? I love how Kana pulls off the no bangs look >.< I remember she had bangs for a period of time when she just released her Best Friend single and it didn't look that great. So I think a haircut similar to Kana's with some waves would be cute on you!

  7. that's funny, I just cut bangs. I like it but usually I let it grow out again :)

  8. Actually, I used to really suffer from acne. But I bought a small bottle of Purity Micro Exfoliating cleanser with my clarisonic and use Calia Naturals skin moisturiser (local Vancouver brand).

    I'm sure you'll look super cute bang free :D

  9. I used to think that I want to remove my bang also but it didn't turn out so good so I got my bang back XD

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  11. I faced same problems too! I used to have bangs because it looks younger. But this time I have never cut it anymore and it's now reaching my chin. And I think it's good :)
    I think if you grow it, it would look nice on you~!

  12. I actually want full bangs, but don't really look good and it's so hard to maintain because it tends to stick to my forehead and not look like the celebs (puffy and fluffy)

  13. you're totally gonna look mature! but still pretty ;) I'm growin my bangs as well, sometimes I even tie it up so it won't go in my way, but my bf hates it and messes up and puts my bangs it to place, he says to me I look like a kid or sometimes he says I look like haruno sakura from naruto, who's one of my favorite characters, but yeah, I'm growing my bangs out just like you :)

    for acne, eat fruits and veggies is always good! :) when I have acne, I usually put toothpaste so the pimples would dry out! of course, you have to wash it after the toothpaste dries out too and totally works for me! :) I hope it works for you too!

  14. U look lovely. For acne the best is gel LA ROCHE-POSAY. :3 It isn't cheap but is very good.

  15. wow, good luck with your choice! I think I'll live forever with my bangs, hahaha xD

    for your forehead, try to wash your hair regularly, don't let your hair cover your face, drink lots of water, if your acne is already dry, you can do some scrubing to get rid of it. I hope it won't leave any scars >.<

  16. You still look pretty with no bangs! :-D I don't think I can ditch my bangs though but hmmmm... Maybe someday I will! :D

  17. I've had bangs for around 7 years now, and last year I grew them out, because i was tired of them, and went back to bangs in like 3 months, i just felt weird without them lol.

  18. prepared for long comment. I did this transition years ago. I actually got tired of maintaining bangs. Expensive and annoying lol xD So all the info below is based on what I've done and researched.

    I actually read an article if junk food is related acne...and it's not!! It's actually a very small %. Unless you eat junk food everyday, junk food doesn't affect you skin. However, it is proven you'll have a clearer face if you drink more water because you'll flush out the toxins in your body.

    Do you touch your bangs a lot? Most of your acne is contributed to excess oils that you could leave on pillows, face towel & hair! Stop touching your hair & face, and should clear some problems. However, remember acne is also attributed largely to genes as well.

    As for acne medicine, try to switch it up every couple of months. Your body will naturally develop resistance to your acne medicine. I always switch between two Origins & Pure. I have tried Neutrogena products and I have found them drying & harsh. Tried to exfoliate to get rid of the extra skin cells when your acne starts to dry up. I used skinfood black sugar mask or origins. Toner helps reduce your pores, but personally for me I think they are a waste of money. Just splash cold water on your face, that does the trick :D (I'm a fan of origins)DO NOT over wash your face. Before you sleep is the best time to do your acne regime.

    Because you are growing out your bangs, do NOT touch them. I know when you are growing you'll always touch them and try to put them on the side. Pin them or braid them (:!! Do get haircuts. I know growing out usually implies don't visit haircutter at all, but in fact, frequent trims promotes hair growth since you cut off all those dead ends.

    Okay, I think I should stop. I hope that was helpful xD! And sorry!

  19. oh it is a real cake but full with choco cream and chocolate :)

  20. thanks for your lovely comment on my blog :)

    yea couldn't agree more , but i just ugly without my bangs :S

    following you now , follow back ?

  21. oh nice post! =D haha i want the opposite, i'm thinking about to get my hair cut and get bangs but i think it wouldn't fit my face because i've really got a babyface which is soo round.

    do you use make-up? if yes then maybe you should leave it first, your skin needs air now =D and well, i think you should drink a lot of water. sometimes it's also good if you go to a doctor, maybe he or she can give you advice for the right lotion or other helpful things :)

  22. oooh it feels like everyone wants to get rid of their bangs ^-^ but i think that can be a very nice and pretty change, especially when you have had bangs for 17 years (!!)

    ~facial steam bath twice a week, afterwards applying a face mask~ if you do this regularly i guess you may get rid of your spots :'3
    ♥ ♥

  23. I grew mine out years ago and I haven't had bangs since.

    Not having hair on your skin will actually help with acne. ^__^


  24. Lovely blog.

  25. Thank you Nana again for your lovely Comment ♥ I enjoy to read your words every time! Maybe we can write letters to each other! It would be so sweet! I see you like cute things too! My GIVE AWAY starts on 1st of April!

    With Love ♥

  26. I like very much your look!! so cool!


  27. I really like bangs! However, I think that both styles suit you (*^O^*)

  28. hide your acne with bangs will make it grow more ><
    I've been growing my bangs since last year , and it's so long now :p
    You still look cute even without bangs ! ^^

  29. I've always had really bad acne on my forehead! I always pin back my bangs while I'm sleeping, because they contain lots of oils which will transfer onto your head! I have also been using a Witch Blemish Stick, and exfoliating with St Ives Apricot Scrub! It's clearing up already! nice post :)x



    Have a Proper Skin Regimen: facial wash, toner, moisturizer, scrub your face once a week, applying mask 2 times a week.. :)
    Avoid wearing make up all the time..

  31. Oh ! I just saw you come from Canada ? =D

  32. To get rid of acne scars, try some of the bleaching creams they have. :3

    Also, we have the opposite dilemma. I'm trying to convince myself to get bangs! XD

  33. wow!!! love the cover of Tsubasa!!!


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