Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Popteen April 2012 Outfit Loves!

Yay!!! Time for Popteen April 2012 Outfit Love TIME! : D
Click image to enlarge! : D

When I saw this, it was instant love!
Great! Tsubasa is on the cover! : D

I love the outfit in the right there. Super casual and easy to wear! 

Love her eyeliner! : D

I really like her album style!

Once again with the casual outfit!

I love Mizukitty, her smile is the sweetest! 

In this issue, Popteen did a section on clothing that is similar to the cartoon characters! 

I love the green sweater, it looks comfy~ 

I still really like the collared shirts!

More Melody Styles!

Personally, I like the outfit Pikari is wearing! It is very fun and cute~ 

Pudding dog! : D Lovely blacks and yellows!

Little twin stars!

I love all of their shoes! 

I like this shade of purple! 

And this is my favorited! : D It looks so warm and nice!

I love the star cardigans!

I want to buy a pair of high waist shorts! 


Pastel shoes are in style now! 

More shoes! I love the reds ^ ^ 

Some prints on shoes! 

Wedges and flats!

Kumicky has her own shoes now! 

I love the top right picture, it is so cute! 

I want the happy smile outfit! 

Demins and blues!

This is what Kumicky would do for her limited clothings! 

I like the trench coat~

Mizukitty! : D

I just love everything about her and her outfits! 

She has a more mature look! : D

She looks so cute with her new hair! 

I personally love love love Pikari's rockish style!

I actually prefer her outfits more now!

More shoes! I need to get cute socks!

I want the straw bag! 

This is the style I love now! Colorful and fun!

Happy faces : )

I love how dolly they look! 

I still like this style too... 
Some street snaps. Japanese people do dress well!

What is your favorited piece this April? 

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bye Bye Bangs!

Recently, I want to graduate from my bangs look. 
I have been having bangs for the past 17 years, but now I don't want them anymore.

I know bangs give you that innocent and cute look, and it also give you a image of a small face.
BUT, I am going to change to a more mature look. 

Ever since I started loving junk food, I have began to have acne on my forehead, and I always try to cover them with bangs, but now I think I am going to eat more healthy and stop hiding my weaknesses! 

IU is one of my role models:

She used to have really cute bangs to match with her very cute looks.

But now she is a more mature pretty with no bangs, and still cute!!!

Kana too has no bangs, and she is one of my biggest idols:

And Inncoent looking Yoona:

And Nocchi from perfume! 

So, I am going to go from my signature bangs look to... 

Life without bangs...

But I have to get rid of my acne/scars on my forehead first!

 Any tips?