Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine Chocolates!

So, today I went to my friend Jae's house to make Valentine Chocolates! 
I watched like tons and tons of youtube videos before hand on how to make it, and I thought it was super easy.
BUTTTT.... It is so HARD... 

I am cooking impaired

So first, I got some chocolate chips...
and then I melted it... So Steamy! 
The product is this! By accidence a drip of water got in it though TT^TT
I got these molds from DAISO, and it was really hard pouring those chocolates in... 
But after much struggle, I made CHOCOLATES!!! 
Not very pretty though...
I put the chocolates in these bags, and added note cards in them! 

How are you going to celebrate your Valentine's day?


  1. Wahh~ How cute! >u<
    I am thinking of melting some chocolates too, but I haven't gotten around to it yet! o:
    Was it really difficult? o: How long did it take for the chocolate to settle?

    It sounds like you have fun though, in the end~ :'D

  2. This looks so fun and cute~ I wanna try. :D

  3. Wow!
    How cute!
    I agree that chocolate melting is really hard ._.
    My friend and I did it on Friday and we kind of failed at first
    Are you going to give those to anyone such as *cough* a guy *cough*

  4. So cute and lovely chocolate! I think it's hard for me to make chocolate.

  5. @Junjun
    Haha! Thank you. It was my 1st successful time so it was a bit hard for me. And the chocolate settled when I was halfway done, so I had to reheat it! Haha ^ ^ So probably about 20 minutes! You should try, it is really fun and rewarding!

  6. omg! handmade chocolates~ And KYARY!! I LOVE her <3 ahaha

  7. Your banner is so cute >w< I love Kyary! And those chocolates are just so cute. I'd want to eat them all! Hhahahah :3

  8. the chocos looks super cute!! ~ i think i'll make some of these too ^_^ waaah and i love your header ~ <3 i haven't been on your blog for so long :c pon pon pon! :3

  9. wow looks delicious *-* I wanna make some chocolates for my bf too but he just like choco crossis^^

  10. Aww so cute and sweeettt~~
    I haven't made a chocolate again since last year, lol >.<

  11. Aww that's cute! If I really had someone I liked, I would try this too maybe XD

  12. Wow They're so cute!
    And must be yummie =D

  13. ok. so your chocolates came out SO much better than mine LOLOL
    and i love your layout!!

  14. looks so much fun! what a great idea

  15. hej hej, thanks a lot for your comment. I don´t speak and understand chinese that much. Bcuz I start learn it first since last year :)

    The chocolate looks so yummy~ <3

  16. Wowwwwwwwww,They're so lovely!!
    I used to make some chocolate also but I don't think it's as cute as yours XD

  17. This looks so yummi and cute! ^_^
    too bad I'm such a fail in cooking >.<


  18. Que lindo seu Layoutttttt
    Eu amo A Kyary!! Adoreiii o blog, estou seguindo já!


  19. ahiii that's so cute! you did good job :'33 i think i will bake a little heart-shaped cake (yeah cake again.. ^-^")

    ShuShu ♥

  20. I love your new blog skin >o.<;

  21. hey thank you so much for your birthdaygreetings :D
    i dunno what to do tomorrow >.>
    my bf dont want choclate from me. he is on a diet pfffQ__Q
    and i have to work the full day XDD
    ahh okay now i know what i can do on valentins day XD
    cleaning our home hahaha yay Q__Q *yay cleaning on valentinsday makes so much fun* XDD

  22. Wooaaa soo cute !!!!!!!
    I will celebrate my valentines day with my honey. We want to go the cinema in a love movie. ^---^.
    we love to go in the cinema. ^--^.
    Last day my honey forgot the valentines day xD.
    So it is his turn to make a nice valentines day xD. love ^---^.

  23. I love your new layout and banner! So kawaii

    Happy V-day! The chocolates look really pretty. I love the heart shapes.

  24. thanks for ur nice comment on my blog :)
    wow chocolate , thanks for sharing your recipe looks so tasty dear !

    following you now , follow back ?
    keep in touch , xoxo .

  25. thanks for ur nice comment on my blog :)
    wow chocolate , thanks for sharing your recipe looks so tasty dear !

    following you now , follow back ?
    keep in touch , xoxo .

  26. those are so cute! I <3 chocolate omnomnomnom... I'm not really doing anything, I sent carnations to my friends through the school system.

  27. goodness! This is cool! I wonder where i can buy chocolate chips! <3

  28. waaa!it looks yummy!!!I´m very bad cooking >_< for me it´s to buy it xDD

  29. omg these are so amazing! you are definitely not cooking impaired :D

  30. nuuum!~ those look delicious! and very cute one! I wanna try making one though I'm only living in a boarding house so I can't. xD care to link ex? :)

  31. awh i think the chocolates look so yummy and cute!

  32. can I have one please???? hihihihi... your chocolates are adorable... happy val's day :)


  33. i buy the color mascara in ebay XD, was really cheap and is amaizing because the color i so vivrant >__< if you want the link for buy please tell me i am so happy if i can help you for something becaause you are so kind!

    i want to eat your chocolates loocs amaizing >__<!

  34. Your chocolates look very cute!! (*^^*)
    I like Daiso, too! but there aren't any Daiso shops in Spain (;_;)


    this is the name is southwingd

    hope you can help you >__<

  36. OMG how cute!! >__< You've got such a good hand for cooking!!!

    I guess the person who got these chocolates was so happy!!!! I would be so!!!

    Thank you so much for your visits!! >__< You're so kind!!

  37. thanks! those chocolates look so yummy!

  38. So cute, bet it tasted yummy.
    I think if I was to attempt this, I would end up burning the chocolate or something. I will try this out though, it seems fun and I just need to get the heart frames now.

  39. omg sooo cute! love making chocolates too! it's kinda messy but still worth it!

  40. Woaaah!!! Wanna taste! It looks so good and yummy!! ;__; <3

  41. Very cute! They look very yummy. :) I made homemade chocolate didn't turn out near as pretty as those though haha. Nice work!

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