Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Pursuit of "Fashion"

Haha,  first of all dance lessons got cancelled because the teacher was sick... so I decided to blog.... 

This is the reason on why Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is my no.1 inspiration right now! 

You might want to watch this video to understand what I am talking about.... 
If you don't understand Japanese, turn the subs on!

After watching this video, I feel that what Kyary Pamyu Pamyu said is absolute right. 
Nowadays, most of us (including me) don't dress in bright colors. 
We all dress in
"safe" colors like black, white, brown and gray.

And I just think we should all wear what we like to wear more often. 

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu  is the best example of it.

She wears really creative stuff,  and her confidence makes her look cute  in anything:

I know that I somtimes need more courage to wear what I like, because somtimes it may be "uncommon." 
I also want people to realize that there are really no rules to fashion, and they should wear what they like because we should make ourself happy first. 

I know that sometimes everyone is afraid to be judged, but I bet Kyary was scared too, but sometimes you just have to not care.

I mean, when we are still young, we should just go all out. Otherwise, when you are old, you might not have time to have fun and pay attention to your attire that much anymore.

I don't think I will go as wild as Kyary, because I still like some natural styles, but I think I can go for this:

I really really want the pink hair, but my mom won't allow it TT^TT. Let's wait till I am18.

This may be not a big deal in Asia, but since I live in the western countries, it is harder to achieve because most of my classmates wears jeans and a T-shirt. At most they wear a sparkly shirt, or a dress. 

I will make this year a year to be more daring in my outfits!  

What are your fashion challenges? 
Or how do you have the courage to start dressing like what you like?


  1. I do agree! People seem to be playing fashion so "safe" these days. Even "daily" styles that used to be more flamboyant, like gyaru, have MASSIVELY toned down!

    Actually, I just saw one of her videos for the first time a few days ago! The more I hear about her, the more I like her~

    Haha! Oh my gosh, my mother used to tell me I couldn't have pink hair either! I think she was afraid of what people might think of me--but I made a deal with her that if I saved up my own money and paid for the procedure (and if I kept my grades up), I could color it. And she agreed! After I colored it (many, many times after that) she began to see that my hair color didn't change me or how people treated me. I think other people just like to see genuine creativity these days. Good luck convincing her, even if you have to wait!

    And wonderful post~ ♥

  2. I seriously love Kyary! And although I personally do not like bright and fun clothing on myself, I do like to see it on those who can pull it off ^^

    I do love bold colors and designs though, and am not afraid to wear them :)
    But if I had to pick out a challenge... it would be not having all the clothes I want xD Otherwise, I wear what I want, that's all ^^ teehee

    However, college is killing me and I do not care for what I look like there.. so my fashion and style days are on a halt atm T^T

  3. I always wear what I like in my younger days or even now XDD
    I used to dressed in punk,decora and many style but yeah,'s up to the occasion tho.When you grow up,you learn to blend yourself in to the social and wear what is acceptable.But it's sometimes boring.That's why I always add something I like to every outfits I wear XD

  4. I totally agree. But I'm still in high school and it's always scary to wear something really different. I tell myself if I wear something weird it's only for one day and try to build confidence by telling myself I wear it because I like it and that's what's most important. So to hell with what anyone else says! :)

  5. Kyary is so amazing.
    But i am even guilty of dressing in very neutral colors.

  6. she's such a cutie! she can dress how she wants to and pull it off so well. i really wanted her panda shoes! but everyone has them now so bleh. i want to dress different from others or something like that lol

  7. she is so cute and pretty ^^ !!! i normally don't wear bright color clothing because nobody really does in my country.. =(

    xx. Elisa
    p.s feel free to join my giveaway to win a pair of circle lenses of your choice ^^ :

  8. One of the reasons I became a Gal was because all the other girls in my area dressed the same way! It's so boring lol. I personally don't really like colour that much, so I tend to stick with monotones, but I always try to wear things in a way to make people look because I hate blending in! Haha, love this post :) <3

  9. That is so true! Sometimes I wear bright colours but not so often. This post made me have more confidence in what I wear! ^^
    I want to dye my hair too, >_<

  10. I can't seem to find your comment you left me in my newest entry but I can reply you here :) link to what? Shopping service? I bought those items from different sites, yumetenbo, Shibuya 109 and Donki! Hope it's useful for you! ^^

  11. Cute entry ♥ & I agree~ everyone should wear what he loves and really wants.
    I do it myself and it's okay~ of course I have to hold back for example at work..but that's totally okay with me ♥

  12. Thansk for comment my blog n.n
    Youre blog is really adorable, i follow you n.n
    Adorable the video >O<

  13. Cute and colorful clothing is very typical in the Asian world where people seem to be forever young. If you live in Europe or on other parts of the western world, almost everyone cant wait to grow up as fast as possible and leaving anything "childhood-related" behind. Thats really sad...:(

  14. Thank ya Nana for comment * w *
    Ur blog is also freshly cute!
    yeah u love Bubble Tea too?

    *Kisses and Hugs*
    Victoria ♥

  15. She's so cute! Love the first pic of her with that bow.
    Yeah, I know what you mean. It's the same back home, here. People are usually dressed in tshirts and jeans/shorts.

  16. aww I love your post! XD

    I started to wear what I like since my first year in university, after that my fashion always change until now. But, I still love to use cute clothes and mix match whatever I like.

    Sometimes got weird stare from people but I don't care xD

    I love Kyary too, she's so cute and confident. really inspirational!

  17. First of all I love the new layout. I agree. Where I live it is uncommon to see people dressing out of the norm but I really like different types of styles and clothes. I am trying to find brighter more bolder clothes and I hope to just wear what I want and not care who knows it!

  18. haha, nice post;) I have posted about her before too actually. Did you know that she now has a bf... !♪

  19. She looks so cute and pretty, and I think the style suits her, but I think it's a bit out of my comfort zone. I think I'm getting a bit too old for the cutesy, girly look haha :P

    I applaud her for not being afraid to be so bold with her style though. I agree with that in the West, style is much more "safe" and understated than it is in Asian countries. But if you want to be more outspoken with your fashion, you should do it - don't let what others think stop you :)

  20. kyary is so so pretty ! she is cuteness at levels understandable! <3 i adore her.

    my fashion challenges would be trying to stay out of the monochrome because i think i dress rather boring but that's really me :(

  21. i love the panda outfit one :3

  22. Super kawaii! I like muted colours though, so I don't mind wearing black, white etc at all

  23. Kyary! she's so cuteee :) Harajuku fashion is not my type but I do adore people with Harajuku fashion :D

  24. She's so cute !!I won't wear bright clothings because I will feel uncomfortable !! I think vivi style would suit me :)

  25. I like Kyary's style and music, too! (^^)

    I always dress the way I like o(≧∀≦)o

  26. Thx a lot for your comment at my previous post. Kyara is really amazing! Love the way how she dress up.
    I'm wearing a lot of stuff which is outstanding. People often staring at me, but I don't mind. I feel comfortable in my clothes and hair I'm wearing! ^^

  27. i loe this post i agree with it! I think the pink hair would look very cute too :3 my mum used to be very strict on my hair dye, she's kinda of gotten used to it now though ^^;

  28. What a cute inspiration! I totally know what you mean about dressing different from the social norm in your area! I think it's best just to try to incorporate it into your outfits slowly =) I think my fashion challenge is dressing however I want to too!

  29. Thanks for comment on my blog !
    Lovly blog! and I love kyary as well!
    Im not a big fan of thoses style becoz i dont think i suit it!
    but I still love seeing other ppl style :)
    thanks for sharing!

  30. I would lovelove to dress up like a lolita in my boring daily life!
    And yep, one of the things that blockes me from doing it are judgements.


    Maybe someday I can do it! :)
    I also want to visit Japan!

    I love Kyary! She's adorable :)

  31. The outfits are really adorable! xX

  32. I agree! While I can't be as wild as her look, I think if I don't take chances with fashion now...that I will regret it later. >o< I think pink hair would be very cute and fun! Maybe you can try getting some streaks in your hair instead of your whole head? xD

  33. I guess if you slowly start incorporating bright accessories or even clothes into your coords (hey, the pastel trend is back to "mainstream"!) you'll get used to it and not even notice when other people stare at you.
    Another solution can be to just put away (like in a box) all your jeans and black items so you only have to choice between wearing bright colors. It'll soon become natural ^^


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