Saturday, February 25, 2012

Popteen March 2012 Style LOVES!

I used to really really love the Gyaru Style, but now I am just okay with the make-up style...
Nevertheless, I love the outfits! 
This is the cover! 

I really like the hair here.  I also like the hat and ribbion!

Oh yea, I want my hair to be like this! 

Okay, but seriously I really like this girl's uniform style. If I wore uniform, I would wear it like this! I don't know who this model is. Anyone want to tell me who she is?

Spring! I really like the poncho and the green dress. It is so sweet! 
Actually, I like everything here! 

I really like the holey sweater! Right now I really like semi transparent stuff.

Everything on this page is so sweet, so naturally I would like it! 

I really like Mizukitty's top! 

I really like the blue skirt Kumicky is wearing. It can be easily mixed and matched.

Oh yea, I also like the sweater worn over collared shirt style.

I like Mizukitty's outfit! It is so cute ^ ^ 

Another sweater over plaid style. Who is this model? : D She is cute too! 
Yay, cute shoes! I really like the white ones. Lacy socks would be cute with it! 

Liz Lisa  = LOVE
It seems that uneven skirts are in style now! 

The dress that is long in the back and short in the front is so cool in a sweet way~!

I really like the transparent selves! 

Everything on this page is so cute! I love the shoes again! 

I like Okarie's semi- transparent shirt!

Bows are trendy in spring too! 

Yep, I like everything here! Espically Pikari's outfit! 

I like her coat! : D It is cute! 

The way they wear their scarf is nice! 

I like Kumicky's shoes! 

Her outfit is so cute! 

Yep, I like her outfit too! 

I think that top is so cute, the way the ribbon is on the shirt makes it even more adorable!

That are all the stuff I like in Popteen March! 

Which one is your favorited? 

Also, thanks for telling me the names for the model! 


  1. love reading these spreads, seriously the girls are all do cute and adorable, if only I have the guts to dress/style like them! :)
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! feel free to participate in my international giveaway <3

  2. Thanks for tye scans! It's been so long since I last uploaded some so I have been deprived LOL But yes, they are totally cute! >.<

  3. I think the black haired model is called Maeda Nozomi! Omg I really love the trend this season especially collar shirts and bows :3

  4. thanks for sharing^^
    Kumikki for ever *_*

  5. Lovely pics! is so inspiring! *^*

  6. Waah, i need to get my hands on Popteen magazine soon xD
    I started to have a look on some various japanese fashion magazines -which are a GREAT source for INSPIRATION <3

    ♪ Vernissage and Cream ♫

  7. Thanks a lot for uploading scans <3

  8. Love Popteen! <3 I love the hello kitty in the picture soo huge!! :)

  9. their all so cute! I really want to go get some stuff like that for spring~

  10. Ah I wish Spring would come sooner ;__; these scans are so refreshing! Really liking the last 2 outfits you posted as well!

  11. Ohhh thank you for posting this! This gave me so many ideas for spring! I love all their outfits and the shoes omg! Makes me want to go shopping even more LOL. :3!

  12. I loveeee looking at these spreads and how effortlessly cute the models make the clothes look! Their poses always inspire me too hehe. Thanks so much for sharing :D x misstea & co.

  13. Ah I think gyarus are really pretty, but the gyaru make up is too high maintenance for me. I'm Really lazy hehe

    Like you, I love the style though.

  14. Thanks for the tye scans! The models are so cute and so is the clothing!

  15. I love this edition! Hahahahha, I'm pretty surprise because the trend is almost same like my current design <3 <3 love love

  16. Thank you Nana <3 :3~

    xoxo Soo yun ~

  17. ahh this brings back so many good memories of Popteen! love all the lacey goodness! and I agree, their hair is always so fluffy, soft and pretty *o*

  18. everything is so stylish and cute~ I wish this kind of clothing was sold in western countries ;___; I just found your blog and followed youu (: x

    My Blog ~ xLittleBells♥

  19. Thank you for sharing this, gah I miss Japan now and how cheap the magazines are over there compared to the UK.

  20. Ahhh I looove these pictures, they're soooo Japanese hahaha and of course I love Japanese fashion taste, they're just so bright and different and iconic! :D

  21. don't worry nana-chan the post its about a problem with the spanish comuinity we have a blog that only talk about bad things and i write about them that i so sad U___U don't worry, i promise to write more in inglis ok?! 0__=
    big hug nana-chan!

  22. I seguinde your blog, here is cute! I loved those looks you exposed.
    Follow my blog too? is:

  23. i used to have a subscription to popteen, then all my favorite model moved to Popsister, so i stopped buying them...i personally like their style because they are cute, but i cant really wear any of them because they are too cute, but they are still good to the eye~~~lol


  24. awwwwww, why everything is so cute?? :D

  25. is a wig, but is light auburn like red hair people >__< is the same that the color that i wear in my natural hair!! i love this wig >__<
    thanks for coment nana-chan!
    you are so lovely!

  26. Thank you so much for sharing this!! I really like Kumicky~


  27. Awww, so cute! I love all the colors and the girly style of popteen~! :D

  28. The magazine is amazing. Would love to have an issue in my hands :) Wonderful blog!!

  29. Pretty outfits! I really like the last outfit. Brown and white a cute color combo, and I adore OTK socks!

  30. i haven't got myself the march issue @@ and i saw spoiler T_________T crying loud...

  31. they alol look so adorable! i wish i could buy popteen easily over here :(


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