Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I just recently created a twitter account and I need people to follow!
So, if you have a twitter, please link me to it, and I will check it out! 

Recently, some anonymous person commented on my blog suggesting me to be more social on my blog! 

So now I have a twitter box on the side of my blog! : D 

I always want to please and connect with my readers! Thank you for that awesome idea. 

And remember to tell me your twitter so I can follow you! 

I have a lack of people to follow: 


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Popteen March 2012 Style LOVES!

I used to really really love the Gyaru Style, but now I am just okay with the make-up style...
Nevertheless, I love the outfits! 
This is the cover! 

I really like the hair here.  I also like the hat and ribbion!

Oh yea, I want my hair to be like this! 

Okay, but seriously I really like this girl's uniform style. If I wore uniform, I would wear it like this! I don't know who this model is. Anyone want to tell me who she is?

Spring! I really like the poncho and the green dress. It is so sweet! 
Actually, I like everything here! 

I really like the holey sweater! Right now I really like semi transparent stuff.

Everything on this page is so sweet, so naturally I would like it! 

I really like Mizukitty's top! 

I really like the blue skirt Kumicky is wearing. It can be easily mixed and matched.

Oh yea, I also like the sweater worn over collared shirt style.

I like Mizukitty's outfit! It is so cute ^ ^ 

Another sweater over plaid style. Who is this model? : D She is cute too! 
Yay, cute shoes! I really like the white ones. Lacy socks would be cute with it! 

Liz Lisa  = LOVE
It seems that uneven skirts are in style now! 

The dress that is long in the back and short in the front is so cool in a sweet way~!

I really like the transparent selves! 

Everything on this page is so cute! I love the shoes again! 

I like Okarie's semi- transparent shirt!

Bows are trendy in spring too! 

Yep, I like everything here! Espically Pikari's outfit! 

I like her coat! : D It is cute! 

The way they wear their scarf is nice! 

I like Kumicky's shoes! 

Her outfit is so cute! 

Yep, I like her outfit too! 

I think that top is so cute, the way the ribbon is on the shirt makes it even more adorable!

That are all the stuff I like in Popteen March! 

Which one is your favorited? 

Also, thanks for telling me the names for the model! 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Addie!

Just a couple days ago, I went to my good friends Addie's Sleepover/ Bday Party! : D 
It was really fun! ! ! :D 
Hmm... Originally I wanted to take lots of photos, but my camera ran out of battery...!
So, sorry for my camera's bad quality!

Haha, she had a hello kitty cake that was make by her sister! : D SO CUTE!

And then the store bought cake ^ ^ 

She also had HK cake pops too! : D 

But we were only allowed to eat normal ones! 

Inside is pink! So yummy and cute... hahaha

The store bought cake had delicious pudding inside! 

Me and Addie...
Hahaha, me looking so plain.... but her so pretty~ 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Pursuit of "Fashion"

Haha,  first of all dance lessons got cancelled because the teacher was sick... so I decided to blog.... 

This is the reason on why Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is my no.1 inspiration right now! 

You might want to watch this video to understand what I am talking about.... 
If you don't understand Japanese, turn the subs on!

After watching this video, I feel that what Kyary Pamyu Pamyu said is absolute right. 
Nowadays, most of us (including me) don't dress in bright colors. 
We all dress in
"safe" colors like black, white, brown and gray.

And I just think we should all wear what we like to wear more often. 

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu  is the best example of it.

She wears really creative stuff,  and her confidence makes her look cute  in anything:

I know that I somtimes need more courage to wear what I like, because somtimes it may be "uncommon." 
I also want people to realize that there are really no rules to fashion, and they should wear what they like because we should make ourself happy first. 

I know that sometimes everyone is afraid to be judged, but I bet Kyary was scared too, but sometimes you just have to not care.

I mean, when we are still young, we should just go all out. Otherwise, when you are old, you might not have time to have fun and pay attention to your attire that much anymore.

I don't think I will go as wild as Kyary, because I still like some natural styles, but I think I can go for this:

I really really want the pink hair, but my mom won't allow it TT^TT. Let's wait till I am18.

This may be not a big deal in Asia, but since I live in the western countries, it is harder to achieve because most of my classmates wears jeans and a T-shirt. At most they wear a sparkly shirt, or a dress. 

I will make this year a year to be more daring in my outfits!  

What are your fashion challenges? 
Or how do you have the courage to start dressing like what you like?