Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hello, How are you?

Next week will be a busy week for me, 
because I have to study for exams and such.

So, feel free to drop by and comment about your day even if I am not posting for aprox. 2 weeks.

In the meantime, hello, how are you? 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Years, New Goals: Diet

Woww! It is 2012 already, I remember thinking that last year was just 2010 and I am just heading towards 2011  .... and now all of a sudden it is 2012! 

Time really files so fast.... I might really be old before I know it.

Normally, I don't really bother with making goals, because halfway thorough January, I just end up breaking them. 

But, this is one goal I am going to follow through. 

More than ever I have to loose weight... 

I am not like seriously overweight, but I am chubby. 

The reason I want to loose weight is:

1. I don't want to keep being called a fat ass by my brother, sister, and sometimes mother and father. Or be laughed at by my other family members. 

2. Cute clothes suit slim people better. 

3. I want to take pictures of myself to save my memories without being self- concious

4. I don't want to be dissapointed when I look in mirrors anymore. 

5. A slim face will make your eyes look bigger, and you will look cuter. 

I will achieve this goal! 

I will try to give you updates of how I am doing, and please keep supporting me!  ^ ^ 

Dieting is really hard for a food- lover like me.

Currently, I look like this! 

I want to look like....


Goal Weight: 45kg!

Current Weight: 61kg! 

Do you have experience or ideas for dieting? : D Share it with me~! 

For now, I am going to get ready for dance class!!! 

Oh, P.S.  I will post updates about how my diet is, and tips for dieting as I progress! 

Diet starts tomorrow : Jan 5th 2012