Saturday, December 29, 2012

Diet Progress #1

Today, I will be talking about my diet progress !!!

These are my pictures from early 2011!

I weighted about 138 to 140 pounds! 

These are my late 2011 pictures!

My weight is about the same...

This is my early 2012 picture! 
I lost a little weight, but I was still around 135 pounds! 

This is me now! I just took this picture, so sorry for the bad quality! 
I weight about 120 to 122 pounds now! 

I am still a little chubby, so I will need to loose more weight! 
My goal is 100 to 105 pounds! 
Cute Japanese clothes are really so tiny... 

If you would like, I could post on what I ate and what I did etc...

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Tealips Cafe

 Today, I visited Tealips Cafe with my best friend. 
The atmosphere there is comfertable! I felt so relaxed there....

Drinking hot tea on a cold day makes me sleepy... zzzZZZ...

This buzzer will vibrate when your order is ready! 
I felt cool when using it~ Haha... 

A matcha waffle I ordered with my her! 
It was so delicious~ I want moreeeeeeee!!!  

I ordered honey lemon ginger tea. 
It has a hint spice to it, and I love the lemony honey taste.

I really love cafes... so I am glad I found this good one... 

Do you guys usually order food or just a drink at cafes? 
I am really into sweets so I can't help but order desserts.... Haha...

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Slimmer Legs in 10 Seconds (Tights and Stockings)

Socks and tights are a must have for this winter, so let's see how Popteen teaches us how to get slimmer legs with these tips! 

Lets start with the popular tattoo stockings now! 

The focal point on the ankle makes your legs look slimmer! 

For tattoo stockings that have words on them, pick ones that go vertically! 
They will create an illusion that your legs are slimmer! 

Tattoo stockings that have too much pattern on them is a big NO! 
The pattern will spread and make your legs look wide!

Now for the normal tights!

All black ones are universally okay for every type of legs! 
Black makes your legs slimmer! 

Semi-black ones are okay. 
They have half the effect of all black ones! 

Natural legs are okay too! 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

I love 3D puzzles!

I really love anything that is cool! So when I saw this I had to try it! 

The kit can make one 3D apple! 

The pieces inside! 

I lined them up first.... Then started to assemble it!

TA-DA! The result is a 3D apple! 

Super cute right? 

Friday, November 2, 2012

More Lenses!

A couple days ago.... I got some more lenses! 

There are 2 pairs of EOS, and 1 pair GEO ones! 

This green pair is for my friend's birthday gift!

Brown pair is for me. I love brown <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

Purple one is for my friend too! 

See you guys later~ 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

美味しい!!! Delicious!!!

Recently I went to a Japanese restaurant called Sushi Garden with my friends~ 

Here are some yummy food pics for you to drool over.... Hehehehe... 

At the restaurant, I ordered a rice bowl! 
I have to be honest, this is the best rice bowl I have ever eaten... 
The rice is sushi rice, and the amount of sushi vinegar added is just right! 
 I can't stop thinking about how I love this rice... 

After the bowl I forgot I ordered a hand roll too! 
I was really full but as a fatty I am I still ate this... : D Hahaha
It is really yummy~ 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Amusement Park in the SKY!

I, personally am a BIG fan of amusement parks! 
Especially ones with special features! 

What is special about this one is that it is on top of a department store! 
And not just the typical western 2 story kind, but the 20 floor Asian types...

I rode this... It was so scary! 
It goes on a 90 degree angle, and you could see the edge of the department store.
You could really feel that you might fall of and die...

This is just a little view of the park. 
Sorry, I was having to much fun to take a lot of pictures!

This is the main attraction. The Ferris wheel.
Sorry, the pictures are so blurry.

The view is really great on top of the Ferris wheel, because it is huge!

There is a lot of attractions, but to be honest it is all very kid- friendly...
Only about 3 rides and attractions are scary to me.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kumicky Beauty Book Bonus DVD overview!

When I was travelling in Taiwan, I saw Kumicky's beauty book in a book store! 
I really love her a lot so of course I had to buy her beauty book! 

Before I read the book, I always watch the DVD first!

Oh yea, click the picture to enlarge it! 
The first thing you will see is an Intro of Kumicky! 

Next you get redirected to the menu. I have translated it for you guys ^ ^ 
#1 lesson is the base make up! She teaches you all her techniques! 

Lesson #2 The eyes make up! She also shows you all the product she uses!  

Lesson #3 Is all about lashes! As we all know, eyelashes are a Gyaru's life! 

Lesson #4 is the blush and lip colour! 

Last is the before and after pictures! 

I personally am not Gyaru, because most often then not I am too lazy to put on make up! 
Haha, but I think the foundation of Gyaru make up is one of the best, so it is good to learn from them! 

I also preparing the book scans form her book, but I think I broke my scanner when I spilled juice on it... So, please wait for them! : D : D 

(Or should I just use my Camera to photograph?)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Face Shop GETS!

The reason love shopping in Taiwan is because there is so many shops to go to and there are so many variates to choose from, but that is not all.... 

The cosmetic shop that caught my eyes this time was The Face Shop! 

I got a sparkly peach liner with a sharpener! It is said to be oil and waterproof! 

I got a gel liner too! It is waterproof too! 

I bought a hand mask and a brightening one too! 

All these excellent products are all bought for under $ 35!

But... I also got these for free! 

I got 4 nature mask pack as gifts! 

And a mask with a BB cream sample! : D 

So... now you see why I love shopping in Taiwan! 

The stuff are all so cheap and there are always free gifts at speciality stores! 

But becareful, stores that sell a lot of brands at a time like Sasa or A+1 do not offer free gifts or samples! 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Popteen August 2012 Outfit Favs!

Wow~ It is August already, so of course we have to see what I LOVE in Popteen! 

The whole cover seems to be very neon! 

Oh yea, click on the pictures to enlarge them! 

First is of course beach wear, since it is summer! 
I really love the one Mizukitty is wearing because it is so adorable, and little dress makes it look just revealing enough! 

Here is my pick for Sporty Casual Wear: 
By sporty casual wear I am saying that I would run around and do some sports when I am wearing these outfits! 

Finally it is Dressy Casual Wear: 
Hmm... I would wear this if I was going to a cafe with my friends, or going on a dinner date! 

Which one of my favourites is your favourites?

Sunday, August 5, 2012

New Nails!

Hi hi! Sorry, long time no blog! 
Well... The thing is I went on a vacay to Taiwan! : D 

Here is my new nails I got on the trip! 

I adore the candy colors so I picked colors that are vibrant and cute! 

All my favourite elements is in this nail art. Haha, it looks like a mix of styles, but the theme of this time's nail is my favourite things. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Love Quiz!

Wow! It is almost summer~ The season of love is coming!!! 
Everyone seemed to like the quiz questions last time, so this time I translated a whole new section on love
Let's see how accurate this is! 

1. What do you look for in a ideal lover
   Q: What do you draw first when you are drawing?
   A: a) Sun
        b) Sky
        c) Cloud
        d) Field
        e) Flowers

If you picked A....

You value health!
You are a lively and outgoing person. You long for love but want someone who is cheerful and energetic!

If you picked B....

You value a good temper!
You have a lot of pressures that you want to escape, and you hope that the relationship is comfortable! You do not like things to interfere with your freedom. A person with a good temper who understands you is the most suitable for you!

If you picked C....

You value a tacit agreement!
You pay attention to your feelings and is understanding. You wish for a sensitive, considerate and attentive person.

If you picked D....

You value money!
You base your relationship on economic foundations. Your ideal love is best to have a steady income and a capable person!

If you picked E....
You value freshness!
You do not like the same things over and over. You want to experience something fresh everyday! But to be real, it is very hard to find that kind of a lover.

2. What kind of guy will take your breath away?
   Q: Who will you sit beside on the bus?
   A: a) A businesslike person who is reading the newspaper.
        b) A school girl who is listening to her ipod.
        c) A mother who has a kid.
        d) You don't sit, but instead stand in a clear space.

If you picked A....

You fall for the mature guys!
You look cool, but is really fragile on the inside. You like a mature boy's care and love.

If you picked B....

You fall for the Korean "flower boys!"
You are born with the love for beautiful things. You love a handsome man.

If you picked C....

You fall for the Japanese "romantic types!"
You fall in love like a Japanese drama! You want a perfect ending, and all the amazing things that happen in a drama!

If you picked D....

You fall for a cool boy!
You are personally very cool. The clam and cool surface of a guy will move you! The more challenging it is the more you are interested in it.

What was your result? : D Tell me, I am interested to know! 
Was it accurate? 

Bye bye~ See you soon! : D 

Image: Google