Monday, November 21, 2011

Waa~ It is winter again!

Hi Hi Hi~ How are you doing!?! 
Me, I am just about to freeze! 

Weather is very cold here right now! It has been snowing a little! 
I can't wait till it fully snows! 

I stay at home all day long on the couch staring at my computer with my face like this...

I can't wait till it snows, so me and my friend can have a photo shoot! 

My outfit for this cold day is...

Poncho- From Taiwan
Leggings- From Taiwan
Shirt- From Ross
Fake Sleeves- From a closed down Asian store, ZEA

So I bet you guys are like... what is a fake sleeve! 

So, here it is!!! It is actually very weird to me too, but it is warm... 
It is cheap too, like about $3?  This is why I bought it! 

Advertisement for Friend: 

In other news, winter is almost here... ( I know, it feels like it already.) 
So, do you need to stock up on some cute warm Clothes that are Liz Lisa, Bythle Zoo, or Vivi styled?

Like This ? 

Or this?

If so please contact my friend, Kim Tran through fb and inquire her about Twinkle Baribe, or just clothes in general. Her fb is:

Small Surprise Coming Soon! 

Anyone want to guess what it is? 

Friday, November 11, 2011

What do you love?

Tell me anything you love. 

From your favourite make up brand to your favourite snacks! 

From favourite type of lens to favourite type of stationary! 

The more the better! 

There is a lovely surprise coming up... 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Winter Here and There

Hello. Hello. How is everyone doing?
Me? I am great, just lying around the house eating all day. 
Just yesterday, I was being drove around town to eat. 
New outfit of the day:
New Top and Shorts from my dad. 
I am scared I won't be able to fit into the pants any more if I keep eating and being lazy...

Enjoy a funny pic of my face  to brighten your day.
At home, I got another gift from my dad.
A Really Big white-out. You can't tell in this pic but it is very big irl. 

On my way to metro, I found a funny looking block thing. It looked like a face.
I reached my goal. 
Yay! Food! 

Hmm.. I am being boring today... 

Thank you for reading ^ ^ 

Thank you all the comments and new followers thank you!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Gals Going Dark Haired?

 Gals are going more natural nowadays by promoting dark hair colors! 

From what I have heard and read from popteen, more and more Gals are going dark haired (dyeing hair colors that are close to their natural colors! )

This is Popteen November 2011 Issue:
 Mizukitty and 3 other girls is showing that she is a darked hair girl now! 

The text basically says, AKB48's black hair style caused a big commotion! 
Black Hair's popularity is rising! 
Interesting thing is that black hair also shows that you a a good student! 

I think Pikari looks so much cuter with her dark hair ^ ^ ! 

Dark hair = Youthful and Pure girl

Pikari's Dark hair close up.

If you want to see AKB48's Dark Hair Themed PV, click here.

I really like the dark hair theme, because I always liked the natural theme, but I feel that the gyaru style is changing so fast and so much!  From animeish to naturalish! 

What do you think of the black hair trend?

I am startled that gyaru will one day go black haired. But I am also really interested in knowing if anyone likes this as much as I do.