Saturday, October 15, 2011

Birthday Party + Winter Tips

Today is my friend's birthday partyHappy 16th Birthday to her! 
Her party was very fun ^^ I wish I could have stayed longer! 
Her Birthday cake was homemadeI think it is super sweet of her mom! 
It is simple, and I feel it is a good break from fancy cakes. 
When I saw the cake I felt it was like a old fashioned welcome feeling (?),
anyway it is a good feeling.

It tastes sour and sweet. My favourite combination.

She told us to dress casual, but when I went there, I was like wow, everyone looks so good.
I felt under dressed. 
My simple outfit, taken in my bathroom.

Warning! Ugly pic of me ahead...
Lol, I look weird, but the birthday girl looks adorable! 
Normally I would edit this photo, but I felt really happy when taking the photo so I decided to keep it.

Overall, today was a chilly day, but I felt warm because I am surrounded by friends.
It is a pretty good feeling...
It makes me want to get closer to them,
but it is always hard to get close to people.
I will try harder everyday.
Ah~ I sound so old...

On a side note:

Since it is cold out there ladies, remember your lip balms! 
Dry Lips not only hurt but is unattractive! 

Chilly days also means you get sleepy and lazy,
so give your eyes a pop by curling your eyelashes! 

So, my question of the day is, 
what are some of your sweet friendly moments? 


  1. aww cute homemade cake!! :D it looks so simple yet yummy~ 
    happy birthday to you friend!! :D 
    lol everytime someone says just to dress casual, i still end up dolling up just in case :P 

    hmmm cant think of an answer for sweet friendly moments~ but i remember me and a bunch of my new friends went out, i was pretty upset that day so i started crying... even though we only recently became friends, they took really good care of me and that feeling is just so nice <3

  2. Yummy cake! Happy birthday to your friend ;3 Looked like fun!

  3. Yummy!! :) Happy Birthday to your friend! :D and lol, your don't look weird! not at all :) your pretty!

  4. awww..that's really sweet of her mom.. I like how the simple cake looks like :) And I'd also prefer homemade cakes than those fancy ones :D

    P.S. I followed your blog via GFC hope you can follow back <3

  5. Homemade cake is the most sweetest thing a person can make for someone :D and that is so not an ugly picture of you -x-

  6. Haha I agree! And thank you! 

  7. Haha I agree! 

    And of course! 

  8. Hahaha Thank you, and it was fun!

  9. Yep, I couldn't agree more with you!!! 
    Thank you, and the advice is really helpful! 

    Your friends are really sweet ^^ and I know how you just feel! 

  10. Happy Birthday, Nana's friend~! <3
    I just found your blog, it's so cute and I followed.
    Care follow and visit me back @ Harajuku Gal Blog? ~~ {HarajukuGalBlog}
    I hope you like it ( ^ o ^ ) / baii for now ~

  11. Happy Birthday to your friend!

  12. Happy birthday to your friend!
    hope you had a wonderful time :D ~

  13. Hi nana! i'm your newest follower! thank you for the greetings! 

    Happy Birthday to your friend ^^ xoxo

  14. That cake looks so good. Homemade cake is always the best.
    Also, you don't look weird at all.

    I think the most enjoyable moments with friends are when your having fun, sharing silly secrets, and laughing. However,  I think the most important moments have been when you help each other out when the other has been in a bad situation or emotional hardship. That is when you create the strongest bonds and trust.

  15. aww super cute blog! and definitely lip balm is a must. Happy birthday to your friend :) 16 is a big milestone! Have you celebrated your sweet 16 yet?

  16. the cake look so yumm-yumm :) you look great, btw :) my blog:

  17. The cake looks delicuios, like a cheese pie.
    Happy b-day to her <3

    Bunny kisses (' x ')

  18. Aww~ A nice make up review blog here. :) My sweet memory with friends would be doing crazy stuffs with them!

    p/s: thanks for following my blog! :) Hope it entertained you much! ;)


  19. Thank you!
    Your blog is amazing! I really like it! And your welcome!

  20. Thank you^^ And of course I will visit your blog

  21. Hahaha yes I am 16 already. I am pretty old, my bday is in jan

  22. I love Harajuku girls! So of course I will follow! Thank you so much!

  23. Yea I agree with you ^^ After a hardship you can see who your true friends are!


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