Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Just a short post here. 

Happy Halloween everyone!!!! 

I carved this pumpkin with my family.

I hope everyone has a Happy Halloween! 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Super Accurate Personality Quiz

Bored?  Worry no more, I have something fun for everyone to do!

Lately, I have stumbled upon a Taiwanese website that does this personality quiz that is super accurate!
It is also fast too, so like one question does it all.

I picked some questions that are fun and (tried) to translate it. Try it!
So the instruction is...
1. Pick a question that you like.
2. Pick an answer that you would do.
3. Look at the results according to the numbers.

#1: What is your attitude about love?

Q: A young girl is drinking coffee at a nearby table, who do you think is sitting across from her?

A: Classmate
B: Boyfriend
C: Another young girl
D: Nobody


If you picked A, you are a person who likes fun and friends and is not interested in love. A group of friends is enough for you. So the person that you come to love is from your friends.

If you picked B, you want to fall in love. You are very passionate after you fall in love. You can give up everything for love. When you two are together, you forget about everything else.

If you picked C, you like your freedom, and you hate restrictions. You want to meet new people, and experience new things. You have numerous amounts of friends, but yo don't want love yet.

If you picked D, you are very independent, and give off a cool feeling. But perhaps you are very lonely inside. You do not know how to deal with people so you just close yourself up. 

#2 Who will cherish you the most?

Q: If you are a newly-wed, and is first time eating dinner with your husband's family, what item would you eat first?

1. Plain rice
2. Your favourite dish
3. Anything without a shell
4. Use eye contact on your husband to make him get food for you
5. Anything dish that is the closest to you
If you choose 1, you are most cherished by your elders. Like grandpa, grandma. etc.
You are very polite, and that is why elders favour you. 

If you choose 2, you attract everyone on that is the opposite sex.
You are quite bold, so they think you are easy going. When you guys hang out together you complete their group, and they like you for that. 

If you choose 3, your friends will cherish you.
You give people no pressure, and when they are with you they feel relaxed. That is why your friends like you.

If you choose 4, you are most loved by your husband. 
You understand your lover well, and they like your caring. That is why they will always want to protect you.

If you choose 5, you are most cherished by your boss and co-workers.
You are a hard worker, and you never let people down. That is why you are dependable and people love you for that. 

And that is all for now, I am tired of translating...

So, if you would like feel free to tell me your result! 
I am interested in seeing what you got ^^! 

Also, a big thanks to new followers, blog readers and commenters! You make my day!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Birthday Party + Winter Tips

Today is my friend's birthday partyHappy 16th Birthday to her! 
Her party was very fun ^^ I wish I could have stayed longer! 
Her Birthday cake was homemadeI think it is super sweet of her mom! 
It is simple, and I feel it is a good break from fancy cakes. 
When I saw the cake I felt it was like a old fashioned welcome feeling (?),
anyway it is a good feeling.

It tastes sour and sweet. My favourite combination.

She told us to dress casual, but when I went there, I was like wow, everyone looks so good.
I felt under dressed. 
My simple outfit, taken in my bathroom.

Warning! Ugly pic of me ahead...
Lol, I look weird, but the birthday girl looks adorable! 
Normally I would edit this photo, but I felt really happy when taking the photo so I decided to keep it.

Overall, today was a chilly day, but I felt warm because I am surrounded by friends.
It is a pretty good feeling...
It makes me want to get closer to them,
but it is always hard to get close to people.
I will try harder everyday.
Ah~ I sound so old...

On a side note:

Since it is cold out there ladies, remember your lip balms! 
Dry Lips not only hurt but is unattractive! 

Chilly days also means you get sleepy and lazy,
so give your eyes a pop by curling your eyelashes! 

So, my question of the day is, 
what are some of your sweet friendly moments? 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mail From Penpal

Hello~! Sorry for the lack of update! I have so much to tell, but I dunno what to say because there is so much to say!

So last week or the week before I got a letter from my penpal!

So recently I got a new hello kittyto my collection...

Thanks to my pen pal ^^ ! He gave me a letter and...

A HELLO KITTY!  with a hidden zipper comparment. Thank you very much!

Bounding time with the kitty...

A speical thanks to followers, readers and commenters~! ^^

Hmm.. So yes, I am thinking about posting more often with shorter posts..
What do you think? ^^