Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Tiny Cosmetics Haul

So.. I read everyone's comment on the last post on the eyeliner choice, and I would first like to thank everyone, it was really helpful! 
So on Saturday, 
And I got this!!!
 Maybelline unstoppable pencil eyeliner!
I really wanted Dolly Wink.. but... well... just but... 
And I also got this eye make up remover lotion, that also hydrates! 
I really like it so far, it really removes everything and when I accidently got it into my eye, and it didn't hurt! 
Then I got the essie all in one base! 
I have used it ever since, and I really think it makes your nails stronger, and my nails have grown a little. But about the shine part. I am not sure if it is because of the polish, or my nail is just shiny...
 But anyway, this is the product I felt the best about buying.
So.. My this is how I apply eyeliner by myself for the first time... 
I break it... 
But eventually I did it!!! I don't think I did a good job though... 
You can't really tell.. and I am looking downwards! 
But yea, this is how I "played" with my cosmetics.
And I am pretty happy  with the results. 
Oh yea! I want to share something funny that happened me today! 
So I was laughing in class, because well I like to laugh.
And I got in trouble, and was sent outside...
Hmm... but it was fine because I was walking around the track for exercise... 
because my classroom is near the track.. 
but anyway, the teacher told me it was unacceptable... 

Hmm... So... I want to know.. 
Have you ever been faced with a weird teacher before? 
Or is it just me... 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The feeling of fall...

Hello~! First of all I would like to say... WELCOME TO MY BLOG!!!

Hahaha you are now entering Nanamorewonderfulthanwonderlandland. 

Recently, the weather is a bit chilly. So this is one of the new item I bought! This is what I wore to school one day.

I really like this kind of shirts/dresses! I love how cute and simple it looks!

The chilly weather also means hot pot. I am currently on a diet, but I let myself go a little by having hotpot..  Haha

New earbuds I bought for my enjoyment ^^ It is super cute and looks like a candy!

Haha, I was playing with a photo editing software on my pc. Lol i over edited it, and now it looks werid... Hahaha.

As for the new followers, and all blog readers thank you for reading! 
And for people who comment! Thank you for commenting! 

Hmm, so I am going to buy some eyeliner tomorrow and I am wondering which brands of eyeliners do you guys recommend? And also, do you like the emotes i used?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Palty Hair Dye- Carmel Brown

I think about 2 weeks ago, I dyed my hair ^^ with the Palty hair color, I wanted to try the foam one, but the store near my house dosen't carry it!
 This time, I tried carmel brown. Because the color was really warm and perfect for fall!

Inside the box included tube1, bottle 2, instructions, gloves, conditioner, and a nozzle thing.
I got the instructions from online, because I could not read japanese.
This is my hair before!
And my hair after! I dyed it for 38 mins, because if you keep it longer than 40 mins it will damage your hair.
I would say, it really works! And my hair color is really cute now!

If I were to give this a score I would give it a 9/10 just because the nozzle thing is still harder to apply on than foam! Otherwise I am really happy with the results!