Monday, August 22, 2011

Hang out with my sister and purchases!

A couple of days ago, I went to richmond with my sister to purchase this!!!!

A new makeup pouch!
After that I went to Daiso with my sister and saw this, so I bought it...
And then this comb matches with the mirror so I bought it too...
Later on, I saw this pencil case, and I liked it! Right now, I like things with simplie designs...

What me and my sister had for lunch!!!

This sea food bake was sooo goodd...

And then she wanted ice cream...

Lastly, we took purikura... but she ran away in the middle of it...

And she covered all of her face with animal faces in the deco part...


  1. Why did she run away while taking Purikura? It's so much fun, if I could I'd rather sleep in such a booth xD

  2. @ Sam Murakami

    Haha.. it is because she hates taking pictures... but I forced her to take it anyways ^^ I love thoese booths too! It is so much fun!

  3. omg i have the same mirror! and the purikura :((( your friend doesn't like taking pics?

  4. @Monica-ai

    Hahaha... she hates pictures... dunno why though...

    @decimal shoes

    Thank you!

  5. seems you two have fun! :D
    i always want to take purikura but my brother never wants it :(

  6. @stella lee

    yes, my sister is quite fun.. hahaha.. I think in order to take purikura with my brother, I have to bribe him with food first... So I think you should bribe your brother first and when he is all happy, make him take pictures with you!

  7. Hi ! Youre Blog is very interessting and I'm very interesses in you life and i like the pictures too ♥
    I will follow you <3

    Hope you will follow back (:

  8. i love your layout! i was going to say that the chocolate packaging was really cute but then i realised that it was a mirror aha. that makes it even cuter <3!

  9. @Kaya
    Thank you so much!!!

    Haha... Thank you! And yes I feel that the mirror is so cute too!


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