Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Outdoors fun!

Summer time is outdoors time... Haha, I actually got this post ready one week ago. I just didn't realize I did not press the publish post button...

Me and my dear friends... I love my friends hair it looks really nice ^^

Lol me on the left... The one in the salmon.

Trying to take a picture with friend's dog... He hates me.

Ahh beautiful sky.. Had pinic with friends in this beautiful day!

Autumn is comming... Time to go buy fall clothes...

Last but certainly not least, Thank you new followers, as well as the old ones!
You guys keep me moviated to post stuff.

The new followers:
                 Thank you very much!!! ^^

Monday, August 22, 2011

Hang out with my sister and purchases!

A couple of days ago, I went to richmond with my sister to purchase this!!!!

A new makeup pouch!
After that I went to Daiso with my sister and saw this, so I bought it...
And then this comb matches with the mirror so I bought it too...
Later on, I saw this pencil case, and I liked it! Right now, I like things with simplie designs...

What me and my sister had for lunch!!!

This sea food bake was sooo goodd...

And then she wanted ice cream...

Lastly, we took purikura... but she ran away in the middle of it...

And she covered all of her face with animal faces in the deco part...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Welcome to my new blog + Purchases from Sasa.com~

First of all, I want to say.. HI GUYS!!! WELCOME TO MY NEW BLOG~! Yay!!!

Hmm.. so why did I create a new blog? That I will explain in my future posts!

But most importantly! THANK YOU FOR FOLLOWING ME! It means so much!

So... Today I got my purchases from Sasa.com! Hahaha Finially~!

This is a overview of the things I bought...
I didn't buy a lot for my first purchases... because I heard a lot of bad reviews...

But it turns out, they are pretty reliable! So it is wise to sometimes not listen to other people's reviews~!
This is how they packed my items! With lots of care and nothing was damaged!

I am really glad to purchase this fase cleanser... It whitens your skin.. Right now I am working on being a mori gyaru, so white skin is a must!

Then I purchased this clensing oil from Kose too. I personally love the brand Kose, it is one of my favorite skin care brands.

My other purchase form the brand Kose is this face mask. This also whitens yoru skin for you, and it is super valueable! It gives you 26 masks and it only costs about CAD15! Normally kose stuff is expensive...

A really intersting item I got was this eyelash perming set. I think I will do a review on this product because I just tried it today... and it works!

Oil Films are a must! So that is why I purchased two... For this one, it helps you smooth out your skin too!

And as for the Kose Oil Film, I bought it because, well I love Kose! And also I looked at the review and some people say black heads come out when you use this too! So I HAD to try it!

Finially, I got this hair thing. It makes your hair smells really nice, and it conditions it! This thing also makes your hair glistens under the light.

So, the question for this post is... what product would you love to try?

And... I would like to thank you guys for following me!!! It means so much : D ! 
Lain BarbieEyes